York Writing Tree Writing Workshop

We can run bespoke workshops for festivals and other events, and for other writing groups. Please contact us for further details.

We also run a monthly writing workshop in York, to help writers develop their writing and enjoy mutual support from other writers. We meet on the third Monday evening of each month, at 7:30pm, at the Exhibition Pub in Bootham, York.

The sessions are informal and friendly, and led by one of our experienced Writing Tree tutors. We have put a lot of thought and discussion with other writers into the format of the sessions, and come up with something a bit different from the usual critique-group.

The first hour of each meeting is a writing class, led by a Writing Tree tutor. The topics for the class are chosen by the group (the current schedule for coming months can be found below).

After a break for refreshments and socialising we then have a discussion session, where each person has a chance (if they so wish) to talk about their current writing projects and ask for support or suggestions from the group. They may wish to share a specific extract from their work to help the group give focused feedback, or it might be a more general point.

We hope that as people in the group get to know each other they might find ‘critique’ partners who they could work with outside the group on more extensive feedback as well, if this is what they need. We feel that it’s important to build trust and rapport with a fellow writer before giving and receiving detailed feedback, and this isn’t always possible in conventional, critique-focused groups.

To offer extra flexiblity, writers are welcome to join the group for one or both of the sessions, i.e. just the class; just the discussion or both, according to their needs.

We have tried to keep prices to a minimum, in the hope that it means it isn’t a barrier to people on lower incomes, but will realistically cover the costs of organisation etc.

Our current charges for the group, are as follows:

Guest prices per month
Discussion session: £2
Writing class: £5
Both sessions: £7

Annual membership
Basic: £10 per year, free admission to discussion sessions.
Premium: £25 per year, free admission to discussion and writing classes, plus 10% discount on any additional sessions (e.g. guest talks, trips) and Writing Tree books and stationary.

If you want to know more, you can find us on meetup.com, our Facebook or drop us an email at york@writingtree.co.uk

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Future Classes:

June 17th 2019 – Structure and practice: endings

July 15th 2019 – Developing your voice

August 19th 2019 – The dialogue/description balance