Our one-to-one coaching services offer the opportunity to have someone support you as you develop your writing skills and practice. The exact nature of the coaching will depend upon your need: for example we could remind you to stick to a pre-agreed series of deadlines; provide encouragement and ideas if you get stuck; and/or help you to develop your first draft through rewrites to a finished piece.

All our coaches are experienced writers who have completed a variety of projects and are skilled in supporting others.

If you’d like to know more, please email us ( with an idea of your project and the kind of help you’d like, and we will be happy to give you a quote including an outline of a package we think would suit you.

Prices vary, but as a rough guide, a half-hour phone call or Zoom meeting is £10; an email each week to remind you to stay on track is £1.50 a week; and feedback on work in development is around £5 per 500 words. We offer a 10% discount to Writing Tree members. We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible while appropriately paying for our staff time and expertise, because it is part of our mission to provide support to writers at an affordable rate.

An initial half hour call or meeting to discuss your needs and produce a suggested, costed plan for you is free.